Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Unregistered Problem Continuing?

There's been several stories in the German press from yesterday and today....discussing increasing numbers of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants who are refusing to sign in or get documented within the German system.

The chief reason? They've all been told in the past two weeks that the large majority won't be accepted to stay....so why bother showing up at the refugee camps or getting registered?

You can imagine this in your mind as the refugee.  You've walked for weeks and had this idea of those friendly Germans letting you stay, paying for integration and language classes, and getting this grand job on the German empire.  Then you hear that the Germans aren't that friendly but they aren't that smart either.  So, you call your cousin who has a visa, or your uncle, or an aunt.....and you go to their apartment and stay.....long-term.

All of this will be eventually noticed and the German public will slowly get irritated and start to blame politicians for the cause of this.

There are a hundred things that you can't do in Germany....without a passport/visa deal. Up until recently, even getting a bank account would absolutely require a passport and/or visa.  There's been efforts though in the past couple of months to undo that rule and force banks to accept just about anyone....even those without a passport or ID.

You could probably find jobs on the side...paying less than state-mandated minimum wage....no insurance or social pension tax, and strictly cash.  For months and maybe years....it'd work, at least until the authorities got tough and punished the Germans helping to make this work.

My suspicion is that this will all end up as a trend.....thousands a week that walk across the border and disappear.  Eventually you will end up with two or three million unlisted refugees and by 2017.....it's a major political topic.  The public will want the cops to round them up.....reminding one of a Jewish round-up in 1940, to send them out of the country.

In some ways, it's the American-solution.....to look the other way unless people react in a harsh way to punish politicians.

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