Tuesday, November 17, 2015

For the Germany-Netherlands Game Tonight

In order to show Germany is showing courage....Merkel directed all members of her cabinet to show up at the Germany-Netherlands game....to be held tonight.  All of this.....after the Paris episode from a few days ago.

So, naturally....sometime today, someone asked the stupid question....is this smart to have Merkel and the whole cabinet there?  Might something happen and they all end up six-feet under?

Well, no one has answered the question, and I doubt if the average German cares that much.

If something did happen....the two parties would meet within hours....have a quick vote, and appoint people to appoint each member.  You have to remember.....in Germany, it's the party apparatus that matters....NOT the individual.  The party could even meet and decide some member really screwed up and fire the guy or gal from his position or his membership in the party.

My guess is that at least a thousand cops will be around the stadium and ensure absolute security.

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