Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Good Walk

If you visit Mainz, and cross over the Mainz-Kastel Bridge (B40 road), there's a great path to the left which leads on down to Biebrich, Wiesbaden, and Schierstein.

If you were looking for a great two-hour walk along the Rhine River, with an occasional sip of apple-wine, coffee, or a cone of ice-cream....this is a four-star walk.

Getting lost is practically impossible, although there is a curve or two.  I should also is ABSOLUTELY flat in nature and extremely safe.  Other than using common sense on extremely hot's decent walk.

The Schloss Biebrich is also along the route, and one of the finer city parks in the region next to it (if you were into English landscaping).

There is some work going on around the Schiersteiner Bridge and you might have to walk a bit around it.....but the trail does continue on.  If you were could probably make it on down to Geisenheim (five hours of walking), or perhaps even Rudesheim (six hours of walking).  The railway operates several stations along this route (after Schierstein) so you can always return to Wiesbaden at the conclusion of your walk.

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