Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Breedlove's Comment

Today, there was this comment made by the US military general (four-star) heading up the European HQ's.....Philip Breedlove..

He's a Air Force guy, and has a background in technology.

He made a pretty tough comment over the immigration and asylum issue facing Europe, and how a lot of this was likely orchestrated by Russia.....using the Syrian episode as a crisis to ship folks in this direction.

It's a comment that will likely get played a good bit, and put some German journalists in a tough position....because they really don't want to defend Putin or Russia.

How correct might this allegation be?  Here's the problem.....if all of the refugees were from the same area....he might have a point.  But they come from North Africa, Central Africa, Albania, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and at least a dozen other countries.  Thinking that Putin could orchestrate a mess like this?  It'd be like someone trying to rig an entire season to ensure that the University of Alabama never got above 10th place in the NCAA bowl process.

The other problem here is that we can be pretty sure that the CIA was helping to push weapons out of Libya to the Syrian rebels.....who kinda started the civil war as part of some White House special project. So, no.....unless Putin was part of the CIA weapons from Libya to Syria gimmick.....this accusation doesn't work too well.

Breedlove giving traction to the White House attempt to label Putin once again as the bad-guy?  Well....maybe.  If this had invoked some Ukraine issues.....Breedlove might have had a better allegation to make and have some bearing to truth.  But this wasn't a Ukraine-related was strictly for Europe itself.

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The 'European Created' Middle Eastern countries (via Sykes–Picot Treaty) are dead and/or dying. The aim is the following: "for the Arabs to rule over Arabia." The destruction of Libya was destined long, long ago. Identity is everything; and instead of instilling Citizenship, dictators like Gaddafi instilled Religion (as the basis of societal/nation-state identity). Whereas citizenship strives to unite, Religion is ultimately always decisive. Once liberated, do the people unite to form a new nation-state. No. They fight over that which is ultimately decisive (i.e. never-ending internal fights over what the new lines in the sand will be - as well as, what the new 'definition of citizenship' will be).

Who has the most to loose by Europe becoming weaker? The United States. By ensuring the conditions remain ripe for 'mass movements of migrants/refugees' from N.Africa/Asia/M.East to Europe, Russia can exacerbate internal schism/divisions. Ultimately, Russia is keen on preventing Qatar from building an oil pipe-line to Europe that would in turn: "completely and totally destroy Russia's ability to make money." U.S. helps Gulfs in order to Check/Check-Mate Russia, to which Russia responds by weakening America's closest allies (Who can endure the longest?). Hint: "Russia can't make any money unless it sells commodities to Europe."