Friday, March 4, 2016

The EU Message to Immigrants

There's a decent piece over at Stern (a German magazine) today.....over the EU telling refugees that it's best not to make an attempt to enter Europe.

If you look up and down the normal route used along the Balkans for refugees....the EU Council President.....Donald Tusk.....noted that he is appealing to all matter where they come from...."Don't come to Europe.  You should believe that the smugglers will risk lives and money".

I sat and watched an interview from last Iraqi guy who was fed up on Germany and finally leaving (going back to Iraq).  It just wasn't the dream place that he was told about.

If you asked me to assess the problems of walking into Germany:

1.  The cost of living.  It'd shock anyone to realize the taxation level and standard cost for life.

2.  Want a car?  You'd best have some cash or figure at least a year of saving enough money to buy a car.  Then you have to think about the weekly cost of fuel and general cost of insurance.

3.  The dream job?  Unless you've got some really special skill or upscale will be kinda shocked where you start out.  Maybe you are willing to wait a decade for things to fall into place.....but while you will be marginally living on that starter-salary.

4.  Affordable apartments in any major urban area are non-existent.  They were non-existent before you ever arrived here, and they will be non-existent after you leave.

5.  Miserable climate?  Go and get yourself used to bitter-cold winters and hot summers.  Want a AC unit to keep the apartment cool in summer?  You'd best have some extra cash to pay for the extra electricity.  Want the place heated better in January?  You'd best prepare for natural gas costs.

6.  Used to Muslim traditions or holidays as being the country-norm? won't be that way in Germany, and Germans will let you know that right off the bat.

7.  Too much cleavage, boobs and skin shown on German women?  Tough luck.

8.  Dislike all the dogs being walked or sitting in the cafe or restaurant?  Germans live like that.

9.  German driving rules confusing?  Well.....maybe after you've been here ten'll make sense.

10.  Getting the impression that German politicians are fake and in your old country?  Well.....maybe they are the matter where you go.

Cynical?  Me?  Yeah.  If you've made a bold decision to walk 1,500 miles and endear a fair amount of'd best be sure of this being the right place and just accept everything that comes with the deal.  If you decide that you screwed up.....well.....put the shoes on and walk somewhere else.

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