Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Comic Political Relief

It was comical in a way, and somewhat amateur to state....after the Hessen election results and AfD getting a fair number of votes....the General Secretary of the CSU came out (Andreas Scheur) at a group meeting in Dusseldorf and did a interview with the Rheinische Post.

What he basically said was that the AfD success would be short-lived and be a temporary action by the public.  Then he said the magic words...."If we solve the crisis, the AfD will be gone as soon as it emerged".

It was a fine statement....then a logical guy would ask....when exactly will the crisis end?

You see, they've done a fine job just sitting back and allowing this whole thing to develop on its own. They climbed into bed with Turkey and opt'ed to pay them three billion Euro via the EU, and Turkey this week came back to suggest they'd need more money.....perhaps even a membership into the EU.  
Then you have the crime issue created by the varying groups.  You've jot Jihad players who probably aren't going away anytime soon.  You've got various Muslim groups with an agenda to focus you on their lifestyle and desires from the old country.

Then you have the north African drug gangs spread out now and fairly success at selling something that is absolutely illegal in Germany.

The freeloader crowd?  If you go up to Duisburg and ask around.....most every German is furious at what developed and waiting for some politician to wake up and end the misery.

The Syrian and Iraqi situation with ISIS?  Just when does anyone really expect it to end?  As many bombs as Putin has dropped in Syria over the hundred days.....no one sees much of change.  On any given day.....the Turks might be stupid enough to do something else stupid, and this time get a ton of bombs dropped on Turkish soil.....thus creating a panic and more refugees.....this time Turkish.

 Maybe if people are patient and wait long enough.....the crisis will eventually end.  But eight state elections will come over the next 18 months and a national election, and by that point....the average German standing there and waiting for the end.....will have flipped their vote to AfD to fix the problem.  You could very well see AfD in November of 2017 with more than twenty-percent of the national vote.  And then what?

One of the other comical features of Monday night was a state-run TV interview deal....referred to as the "Elephant Round" where most all of the parties present hyped up the deal of forcing failed-visa applicants to leave quickly out of Germany.  It was great entertainment, leaving most of the thinkers in the audience pondering how exactly would this quick-exit work, and when would you start seeing these results?  This year?  Next year?

In a tragic way.....AfD is going to be around for a number of years and enjoy more remarkable success....due to the stupidity and naive nature of the five or six other German political parties.  They started a party....never entertaining the idea of managing who came to the party and how much it cost....and now have to wonder when the party will end.

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