Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Raging River" Story

Two days ago, Channel One (ARD) ran some piece on the Balkans Route and some German activists who are there to help lead the immigrants to a new trail.

The video of the piece showed about a thousand immigrants at what the journalists called a "raging river", and attempting to cross the "raging river".

I sat there watching this clip.  I went back this morning.....watching it two more times.

Basically, it's a stream that comes up to your knee (if you were a short guy). For me, based on looking at the guys and gals in the's just NOT that deep.  If I were in the stream, it'd still be two or three inches below my knee.

"Raging river"?

I often wish some geography or science wiz was standing there at ARD....making sure that the right phrases or words were used.  I know....."raging river" sounds nifty and harsh.  If it's a stream that deep which six-year-old kids might be playing's not a "raging river".

The helper German dimwits at Idomeni aren't really helping much.  They are irking the Macedonian and Greek officials who are trying to shut down the Balkans trail.  They will eventually lead these poor people to some stream that will be a meter deep and some kids will be swept away.  Then you come to view the news media in the background....probably over 20 people taking pictures and it was more of a news media event than anything else.

What happens now that the thousand and the helper German dimwits have crossed the Macedonian border? a couple of days....they will reach the Serbian border.  The Serbians will know their tactic.....view the action.....probably hold back some folks, and arrest these German helper folks.  Merkel will have to go down on one knee to ask the Serbians to release the naive helpers, and some fake news media blitz will occur over the evil Serbians holding helpers.  Eventually.....everyone will give up on fences and just let the immigrants make way to Germany, with 100,000 a month making the trail.

Maybe they could have used the word "raging stream" or "raging creek", but it'd just not be the same type of identification that journalists enjoy.

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