Thursday, March 17, 2016

More to Dump on Koln

It's been eighty-odd days since the Cologne (Koln) riot episode.  Generally....most Germans figured that they knew all the facts now about that evening.  The local press there...the Cologne "Express"....says that there was actually fewer the reported 140 cops around the station and cathedral than reported.

The real number?  Eighty.

In fact, there's one other odd piece to this story now.  Shortly after midnight....from the eighty.....a number of them were told to end their shift and go home.

They won't say the precise number who were around by 1AM, but I would probably take a guess that we are talking about fewer than fifty on duty an hour after midnight.

What story did the Koln cops give the State Interior Department on 11 January 2016?  It's hard to say what they said or how they fudged on the numbers.  The Ministry kinda say that they weren't deceived.  If they weren't.....I'm wondering what you'd call it.

The public?  It's just come out this morning (Thur) and I'm guessing people are sitting there and reading over the story....wondering why the cops couldn't get their story correct, and why they acted like some Banana-Republic cop force.

Since they've fired the chief of the police already....they can't fire anyone else, unless the head of the State Interior Department decided to step down at present.

Personally, this whole thing laid out at this point, would make me think that downtown Koln is a no-go area.  Cops won't even protect the train station why risk yourself there?

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