Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tough Politics in Baden-Wurttemberg

If you look at the major newspapers of Germany today....the Frankfurt Allgemeine for example....the Baden-Wurttemberg election has put some harsh reality into the outcome.

There are only two coalition options on the table.

A: The Greens team up with the CDU.  The chief thing that the CDU wants is for the Greens (who lead in the election) to retire their chief....Winfried Kretschmann.  If you were looking for the lead and authority of the party in the state.....it's Kretschmann.

B: The CDU (second-place winner) teams with the SPD and FDP.  As of this morning, it's absolute fact that the SPD will refuse such an option, period.

Why did the SPD take the refusal?  I think they were looking ahead at 2017, the national election, and the trending in Baden-Wurttemberg for the Green Party.  Kretschmann is the image and driving force of the Green Party in the state.  If anything comes to push Kretschmann out.....it's a positive and helps to funnel some voters back over to the SPD cause.

At this point, and for the next ten days....I think the Greens will sit around and discuss life and the local Green Party in a non-Kretschmann era.  If you go the B-W web-site for the Greens....it's mostly hype over Kretschmann.  You don't see any secondary people that stand out.

Some would look at this and say that the Green Party success in Stuttgart and Baden-Wurttemberg is mostly a one-trick pony (Kretschmann).  In some ways, you have to wonder if that assumption is true.

Maybe in this case of Baden-Wurttemberg.....coming in first, is going to lead onto a spiral episode.

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