Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When Teachers Get Foolish

Around the ninth grade for me (eons ago).....I came to some point of realizing that some of the teachers in my school....were either incompetent, not up to the task, or very limited in the field of study that they were supposed to provide.  Most had good intentions and some certificate from a university....but it really didn't mean much in their educational efforts.

I didn't hold it against them.  I came to realize that some lousy managers were hiring them, and keeping them in the job.  Three years later, I wrapped up high school with this negative feeling of education and teachers.  I came to the same belief as I did college classes.

I am reminded of this view because of a story that popped up yesterday in the Germany news.

Heinrich Peuckmann wanted folks to know that he was a former teacher of AfD (the anti-immigration party) current chief....Fauke Petry.  Considering that Petry is forty years old....Peuckmann has to be at least sixty-five years old.

In Facebook commentary, he wanted folks to know that Petry....even though he provided his very best instruction....was intelligent but not wise.  "With wisdom connects morality" is the quote direct from the former teacher.

Morality, for those who might want a clear's a distinction or line between good behavior and bad behavior.

Some examples of morality:

- When you invent a tax that has no real application except to change the way that people act or conduct their are on the bad side of morality.

- When you think of tax revenue in the national pot sitting there and to be used for questionable practices which might a total waste or dishonest use of the tax are on the bad side of morality.

- When you set up some intellectual argument and note if you don't agree with your perception or are unwise or are on the bad side of morality.

At some point some kid or adult reaches a stage where they view things in a slightly different manner than teachers or professors insisted upon.  Right or wrong?  If Socrates, Plato or Aristotle had just stayed within the lines of their teacher or mentor.....none would have gone to do much in life.  Each questioned wisdom and it's attachment to life.

So, some wise advice.  You may leave school and university someday, and find that your opinions, reasoning, and focus in life have met reality.  Reality is like sharp stick in a balloon causes you to reflect upon what was dished out to you and if those perceptions can work in the real world.  In Petry's's not a pleasant picture.  In her teacher's mind, it's all pleasant.

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right. Words spoken by Isaac Asimov.

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