Thursday, March 17, 2016

Berlin Car-bomb Aftermath

Berlin has settled upon a story for the car-bomb episode that killed a Turkish guy (Mesut T.) with a criminal background.

The story goes this least by how Bild tells the story.  Mesut T and an associate (he's Russian) were in some deal where things went wrong (drug-deal is the topic mentioned) and they fired shots at some other Russians (one hit apparently).   This was at the end of 2015.

The car that exploded....belonged to Mesut T's Russian friend, so he was the target.

All of this makes sense up to a point.....Russian mafia people don't do public settling of scores.  They take a guy, and dump him in some mine or there's no body and no investigations by the cops.

Why a car-bomb?  It makes almost no sense.  The story does fit and I admit it's a comfortable ending except they have to hunt the bomb-maker down.

My guess is that they will spend a month looking around for evidence on some bomb-maker and then half-way close the case because they can't go any further.

What of the intended target.....the Russian guy still living?  That's a curious thing.....Bild doesn't tell any of that story.  Cops don't say much.  If I were this guy.....I'd be on some train and heading as far away from Berlin as possible.

The end of this story?  Well.....if the story was accurate....then you got a bomb-maker in the Berlin region working for the Russian mafia.  Why should he stop at just one single car-bomb?  Not that I'd sit and worry as some Berlin resident.....but the cops would have to stand there and be somewhat curious....was this a one-time only situation?  You just don't know.

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