Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Palma de Mallorca

Typically, if you ever bring up trips and Palma.....the German reaction will be to smile and utter "Ballermann".

Palma, Spain was where Germans went to party.....consume vast amounts of alcohol....and do some carousing on the streets (singing, dancing, and occasional fighting).

One of the favorite pastimes in Palma was to order a fairly decent-sized pail of Spanish wine, mixed with fruit and ice.  You'd sip the liquid refreshment through a straw and share with your friends.

For decades, Palma de Mallorca was a magnet for German tourists and the leisure mile would be where you went to consume booze.  Well....until this past week.

The locals in Palma de Mallorca eventually got tired of the rowdy German behavior and finally enacted what they consider serious etiquette where the party is ended.

The buckets of booze?  That ends.  Alcohol sales between midnight and 8AM?  Ended.  Intervention zones set up....where there's limited to no booze consumed.

Some Germans will react to this....noting this was a socialist city council.  Some will boil over and talk of fighting this.

My guess is that as spring comes around....the locals start to notice that fewer Germans are visiting Palma de Mallorca.  Some hotel owners will start reporting a ten-to-twenty percent decrease in business.  Some ice cream shops shut down by June because of limited business.  Some pubs and drinking establishments start to downsize the staff and talk of closing early this summer.  By late August, the city council will be called upon by the locals to answer for the business issues and why unemployment increased during a peak summer vacation business season.

As for Germans returning?  They might find places to replace the legendary Palma de Mallorca.  And that won't be easy to explain to people who lost jobs.

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