Thursday, March 3, 2016

Public Involvement

Public frustrations with the immigration, asylum, and refugee situation in Germany goes into a lot of directions.

Most Germans have come view the management of the accommodation deal as screwed-up, thoughtless, and lacking.

Things reached a stage up in north Germany.....around the Hamburg area.....that a citizen's initiative occurred.  They put up a petition and needed just 10,000 signatures to get this on a local ballot.  Well....they got 26,000 signatures in a matter of days.  The political folks (the SPD and Greens who run a coalition government).....were a bit surprised and weren't that happy over public involvement in something that they considered their business.

So, this initiative is about banning massive or large-sized refugee centers.  It further states that each center contain no more than 300 refugees, and that each such 'residence' must be at least a kilometer apart.

The suggestion will create some interesting problems to occur.  You'd have to have a planning team that has a fair amount of power.....who notes when a center has reached capacity....then reroutes people to other locations.

A number of people have commented about the large sized centers and the out-of-control atmosphere that breeds frustration and anger among the occupants.

Acceptance and putting this to a vote?  That's not clear.  The local Hamburg Parliament could accept or reject such a vote.

One could look at various efforts around Germany and they tried to make use of old military bases and warehouse-like save money and simplify the process.   This created situations where not just hundreds....but in some cases....thousands of people....were pushed into an atmosphere which probably wasn't the best situation.

The negative though with this 300 person limit is that you will likely have to spend additional funding, hire more support staff, and move into some neighborhoods which felt they were safe and would never have such centers in their neck-of-the-woods.

It'll be curious to see how this develops.

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