Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Tax for Immigrants?

Ok, sometimes I write an essay, that is mostly there to amuse you.....this one is not really there for amusement, but I imagine that you will be laughing by the end.

So, there's these two professors from Switzerland.  Margit Osterloh is a graduate from the Technical University of Berlin, and has been a professor in in organization for over twenty years.  Bruno S. Frey is a professor of economics....and fairly well known within his teaching practice.

These two have stood up and said that you ought to make refugees and immigrants entering Europe....PAY for entering.  Call it a tax levy.

Once paid....the immigrant would enter the said country.  Those under the war refugee status?  They'd get their money back.  The rest?  They'd be paying for their status for immigration.

I'm guessing that some sponsor status would be created....where a company says they could use three-hundred people in this field....to come to Spain, or Belgium....so the sponsor might be fitting into the plan.

But the deal would revolve around you having to commit some money to get into the country.

There's a lot left out of the story via Focus, and I'd like to hear these two in some chat-forum deal because it's a curious idea.  Naturally, a bunch of folks would be irritated by the concept, and a number of liberal types might be hostile about money being involved (capitalist evil requirement might be uttered).

It'd put the refugee thugs who sell seats on boats or such into a bind because if you knew that you needed to pay 5,000 Euro at the check-in point and there's no guarantee about getting to Germany....that you might be applying for residency and a work visa in Spain or Belgium....well, that might not make you very happy.

The odds that this will be discussed?  Zero.  It'll freak out the Berlin crowd big-time if anyone suggests a tax levy on incoming immigrants.

The curious angle to this is that if you figure some 18-year-old kid walking in, and having no real status, training, education, or craft.....Germany will spend in the neighborhood of 80,000 Euro for living requirements, German classes, intergration classes, craft classes, shelter, transportation, and welfare.  All that money came from someone who worked his butt off and sweated through various life requirements in Germany.  It was not free money.

The odds that you will ever hear about this idea via state-run German TV?  About the same as aliens or big-foot being discussed by Channel One or Two (will never happen).

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