Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The "Cold Blood" Talk

“This war on terrorism needs to be carried out with cold blood."

-- French President Hollande (after Tuesday attacks in Brussels)

When you hear a comment like this.....you ask....what exactly do you want to do?   After a while....people get used to Twitter-commentary....fancy French flags over their pictures to show solidarity.....cops and military troops at public events and facilities....and tough talk.  The result?  Well, nothing.

In a month or two....something else will occur, and Hollande will respond: This war on terrorism really needs to be carried out with really cold blood.  Yeah, and what?

Yeah, I am cynical.  Political talk is cheap.  It's like the Pope jumping all over people or countries who stand against immigrates or asylum seekers, but won't throw up the gates to Saint Peters Square in Rome or throw a billion of it's cash stash toward the support of such people.  It's all fake chatter.

I would make three simple suggestions.  First, the NY City policy of 'stop-and-frisk' (which got terminated by the present mayor) ought to into full enforcement in affected countries, and target exactly who you think is potentially a risk (hint: it won't be 66-year old Belgium women).  And by frisk.....I don't mean a hundred a day, or a thousand a day....you start to frisk 100,000 people a day, and you make it absolutely personal.  Day after day, week after week.

Second, pretty much sit and declare any religion with a violent means or demonstration of potential threatening behavior....a threat.  Give them a month to clean up their act....after that....with no demonstration of involving themselves in a clean-up.....you, the government, start identifying any wording within documents or bad-behavior religious scholars as a necessary to hold people.  Task these people with a mental exam and let the psychology crowd evaluate them as a threat to society.  Present behavior modification opportunities or just hold them until you think they might be safe.  If it requires five years....fine.  

Third, you go right at the heart of the issue....all of the thugs recruited for ISIS and the 'gimmick'....are young and impressed with fraudulent religious goals.  Fine.....tell them exactly how this game will work.  Run a 60-second commercial on how some fake pretender will convince you of your loser status in life, but you could be some die-by-the-cause thug and rejoice in being dead.  Heep a massive amount of foolish talk upon the commercial and ask....why are there no fifty or sixty year old men doing this stupidity?  Well....they just aren't that foolish.

At some point, the public will lose patience because political talk is fairly cheap, and they will turn to some means of government that is less desirable but more capable in fixing the problem.  Sadly, this is the path unless you achieve results.

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