Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Half-Capacity Story

It'll be one of those stories that really churn up harsh talk by Germans and frustration.  According to the Sunday edition of the "Welt am Sonntag"....the refugee camps/centers in Germany are approximately half-full right now.

Most Germans would say....if this is true....why would you pay three billion Euro to the Turks for this whole new Merkel deal?

Presently, the data shown....says that throughout eastern Germany.....accommodations are basically at 20-percent. In Brandenburg, it does go up to 44-percent capacity.  In the state of's around 18-percent.

Some states refused to comment (Hessen for example) on the occupancy rate.

What's going on?  It's hard to say.  Maybe the flow since November has decreased a good bit.  Maybe the closed trail episode has had some effect.  Maybe the Germans have realized that a quarter of the 1.1-million refugees in 2015 simply aren't there anymore or were badly counted.

If this were all true....why play out this game with Turkey and the three billion Euro pot of money that the Turks control the immigrant issue?  Or is it the fact that no one in Berlin really has a clear enough picture of the whole thing.....because they pushed it all to the state level and lost the ability to clearly lead on this issue?

What'll happen if this claim is proven true and the Germans and the EU pay three billion Euro to the Turks?  You can pretty much give up hope of the CDU or SPD in the two fall state elections being able to get anything above twenty-percent.  Both would have a large amount of blame, and lack any trust with the public.  And at the heart of this.....the news media which just never got smart enough to ask stupid questions and realize how screwed up the whole process was.

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