Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Ambulance Convoy

Somewhere east of Wurzburg, along the autobahn.....near the Logebachtal rest stop....cops pulled over an odd convey.  It was a collection of eight older and decomissioned ambulances, driven by Salafists (extreme Islamic members).

Now, you'd expect some indepth questions, and some disbelief because it just begs issues.

Eventually, the story came to a conclusion....cops bought the explanation....and they continued on.

The general story is that they acquired (bought) the ambulances on the open market, and they loaded the ambulances down with clothing, baby food and supplies....which they are driving all the way into Turkey and eventually Syria.

Now, if you check out the route (I've known one or two people actually drove from Germany to Turkey)'s 3,400 kilometers....more or less to Syria.  If you drove straight through....thirty-four hours of driving.

You'd probably drive through Bulgaria, where they will ask a ton of questions about the purpose.  Turkey?  There's probably going to be an extensive search of the vehicles and a hundred questions.  Potential for break-downs?  Don't even bring up that issue with ambulances that are at least a dozen years old.

Most Germans would have been disbelieving of the explanation....thinking they might be used to hustle up some bomb device into the middle of a city during an emergency.  Cops reviewed the details enough to say that wasn't the intent, and allowed them to proceed.

Will the Turks allow them across the border into Syria?  It's hard to say.  If they think they support ISIS.....maybe not.  If they think it's for general population support, maybe.

On the whole of the'd be an interesting road-trip to take eight old ambulances off on some massive trip and hope that mechanically they all survived the trip.

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