Friday, March 25, 2016

The New Poll

Der Spiegel (a major news magazine in Germany) went out and did a poll.  Generally, they cover a wide array of topics in Germany, and have a fair pulse on society.

So the poll centered around voters and how they feel.

Fifty-seven percent of the people polled say that their opinion doesn't count.  That's more than half of the German culture who don't have much respect for the leadership in Berlin.

Sixty-one percent said they were negative or very negative about the immigration, refugee and asylum policy in effect.  That left roughly one-third of those polled who had something of a positive nature about the immigration policy....but in a negative way.

The most worrisome number out of this poll?  Forty-five percent of the people who claimed CDU or CSU participation....were unhappy with the Chancellor and the immigration policy.

We have roughly seven months before the next two state elections in Germany occur.....both out of the eastern side of Germany.

My guess is that this poll will talked about for a week or two, drawn into TV political chat shows.....and journalists will try to assure people that things are fine and the polls don't reflect reality.   They will sit around after the show at some local pub....sip cocktails....and do witty conversation over the art of tall-tails.

Election shifts regularly on an infrequent basis.  There's always a driving force, some great momentum, some realization of reality where someone realizes that you have to shift and do something avoid a massive shift.  Presently, I'm of the mind that we've yet to cross that line, and it might be spring of 2017 before a German massive shift occurs.

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