Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Marktkirche of Wiesbaden

It is one of the top ten things in Wiesbaden to check out....if one is doing a trip to the city.

The Marktkirche is in the center of town, and near the six central bus points of the city.

The Mauritius Church originally on the square was built over four decades, and was completed in 1521.  It sat there until 1850.....when a fire burned enough of it....that it wasn't repairable.  At that point, the city went to a new church....the Marktkirche.

Upon completion in was the tallest building in the Duchy of Nassau (what is Hessen today).

What will be pointed out about the church is that just about everyone connected to it in the 1930s and to the end of the war.....was anti-Nazi.  So, it has a reputation.

If you stand around the square throughout the will note the bells which ring on the hour and half-hour.

Within the square, there's at least twenty places where you can pause for a lunch, or break (drink or food).  I should also note that the city park and casino are only five minutes walking away, and the shopping district is barley one minute away.


Troy Swezey said...

Do they still have the Ratskeller in the Neues Rathaus next door? Liked that place a lot.

R Hammond said...

It's still there....considered more upscale now I guess.