Thursday, March 17, 2016

The German Tango

State-run news in Germany has kinda avoided much reporting on this, so you have to follow the BBC and various other news groups around Europe to get to the meat of this story.

The current deal being worked between Chancellor Merkel of Germany and the Turks is this really nifty idea.

"Hamad Joe" from Syria, who walked over 1,600 kilometers to reach Germany....would be put on a list which would mean he goes back to Turkey (likely the place where he started this trek).  In exchange for the wonderful Turks accepting Hamad Joe.....the EU (not Germany) would take one alternate-Hamad Joe who sits in a current refugee center in Turkey.

I does sound pretty stupid.

In American language.....the Yankees are dumping their fat chubby first baseman to the National League team....the Cubs.  In exchange....the Cubs will send another fat chubby first baseman back to the American League itself.....just not to the Yankees.  The Red Sox might get this guy.....the Angles....or maybe the White Sox.

Several people have pointed out.....via EU regulations....that this is an illegal swap and cannot be acceptable under current EU rules.

Why this would make sense?  I suspect the deal would get rid of some burden for Germany, and put some of the other twenty-eight members of the EU into a position where they have to accept some folks.

Would Hungry be willing to accept this deal?  They've said they will only accept Christians.  Several of the other countries have said that they will only accept moderate Muslims.

Just on logistics can sit and imagine six planes taking off each day and flipping a thousand-odd people around from country A to country B to country C.

The possibility that Humad Joe from Germany touches down in Turkey, and slips over to the other line, and flies out in two hours.....back to Europe (maybe Denmark or Spain)?  Well, yeah, that's something that I suspect will happen.  The Turks might be crazy enough to do something like this, and turn the whole thing into a flying circus.

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