Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Command Norbert Blum?

Officially, on the books....you talk to any authority in Austria, Serbia, Hungry, Greece and Macedonia....the Balkins Route for the immigrant path to Germany is shut down, period.

So, there's been some chaos in the past couple of days, and this new group has emerged from the shadows....calling itself the "Command Norbert Blum"....which has distrubted maps and gone out to help groups cross over from Greece into Macedonia.  No one says much if they will copcat this, and set up another group at the Serbian border (shut down), but I would assume they will help people cross it.

Who is Norbert Blum?  He was a German CDU political figure of the 1980/90 era.  He's still around today....retired....about 80 years old....and takes up some minor charity work.  He denies he's behind this and they are simply using his name for this episode.

A German group?  I sat last night and watched a ARD (channel One the state-run German network)....and they covered part of this movement of refugees with the 'help'.  These 'helpers'....are German....young people....mid-20s from what I can figure.

Yesterday's achievement?  Around a thousand refugees crossed over some river that would not typically be the path to Macedonia.  Some of the info that journalists have shown involves anonymous leaflets.

Right now....if you questioned anyone on the fence business and the attempt to hold back the refugees....it's fragile at best.  Any kind of major effort....by the refugees themselves or by German civilian assistance....would help create a new enthusiasm and another wave.

If it turns out that a dozen-odd German characters are in Greece and helping funnel refugees up through the locked-down border?  I think all heck will break out with the right-wing types and harsh words over this 'humanitarian-sneaking' business.  The state-run news media might even be stupid enough to portray these guys as heroes.

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