Sunday, March 13, 2016


State-run TV is running results of the three state elections:


CDU, 27-percent
SPD, 13-percent
Green Party, 32-percent
FDP, 8-percent
Linke Party, 3-percent
AfD Party, 12.5-percent (went 2-percent higher than prediction from last week).

Rhineland Pfalz:

CDU, 32.5-percent, serious loss of votes over past month with polling data
SPD, 37.5-percent, serious upswing on votes over past month
Green Party, 5.5-percent
FDP, 6-percent
AfD, 11-percent (about where polls predicted)
Linke Party, 3-percent

- This loss of votes in the Pfalz probably finishes off the bright new player, Glockner and her chance to be the Chancellor candidate for the fall of 2017.


CDU, 29-percent
SPD, 11.6-percent
Linke Party, 17-percent
AfD, 22.8-percent
Green Party, 5.8-percent
FDP, 5-percent

- Massive win for AfD in Sachsen.

Commentary: If you look at the polling data from today.....AfD took votes from every single party (even the Linke Party).  The CDU had one bright spot for the day, and two significant marginal losses.  There's nothing for the SPD to brag about except the Pfalz win.  

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