Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Sun Also Rises Over Germany

German journalists have nicknamed today "Super-Sunday".  I think they've done it for several reasons.

Some people are awakening right now at 6AM, and their downfall from epic heights of their political career....will be determined by 9PM tonight.

Some political planners are looking toward Mecklenburg and Berlin state elections in the fall, and will spend most of this Sunday talking over strategies and trying to figure a gimmick to get voters back to their party.

Some angry frustrated people will get a bit of their hostility lessened as they vote hard and fast on this day for the AfD.

Some journalists will spend the day looking over 'spin' notes and try to memorize the right theme for their favorite party and try to talk positive over negative news tonight.

Some pubs are stocking up extra booze and beer this morning, as they prepare for some sore loser politicians stumbling into their operation and weeping over marginal results.

Some intellectuals are getting up early and looking through the wardrobe for their best tie, in hopes of impressing some state-run TV journalists and getting invited up to say three comments over a state election in the Pfalz.

Some die-hard SPD members are awakening to a sun rising, and a fairly harsh reality that will occur as the sun sinks this evening.

As much as everyone seems to long for this one single day to settle things in really just opens the door for the fall election in two states, and round two of an epic battle over the future of Germany.

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