Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Essay on the Driving Force Toward Immigration and Refugee Enthusiasm

This is an essay of talk over why enthusiasm has reached high proportions over the past decade with people wanting to immigrate.

First, if you survey the enthusiasm that's bordered around a certain number of countries.  If you one is really hot or drawn to immigrate to Brazil, China, Egypt, or Cuba.

In fact, if you drilled down into the come to an odd list of a dozen countries where people would like to immigrate into: Australia, New Zealand, France, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, and the US.  Please note.....Finland, Iceland, Belgium and Spain are all wonderful countries but they just don't have the 'appeal'.

Why these countries?  Go look at travel videos.  They have wonderful hotels, resorts, big national parks, fancy cars, great autobahns or motorways, fancy grocery operations, successful movies made in the landscape, apparent jobs which fund people to buy Mercedes or BMWs, and great houses that seem to all have pools (well, people think that).

So, the internet came along a decade or so ago, and YouTube gave people in ratholes some chances to view wonderful Trier, Amazing Wales, remarkable Seattle, Marvelous Munich, fabulous Vienna, pleasing Berlin, brilliant Montreal, and fine Frankfurt (I Frankfurt folks would question this but face facts.....Frankfurt is a blast compared to Cairo).

Along came the smuggler trade and people who sat in a room and said they could get you to X.  Now, this get-you-to-X deal involves cash.....maybe $5,000.....maybe $3,000.....a person.  X doesn't mean a guaranteed just means that you are close enough that you can almost walk the rest of the way.

So you perceive that if you just walk a few steps into the country.....that's the end of the discussion....they won't send you back.

It's a silly notion that wouldn't have worked in the 1980s.....but here in the 2016 era.....folks are pretty stupid, naive, and bold enough to just grin and say 'stay on'.

Adding to this issue.....there are wars and serious discontent going on with lifestyles, economics, and religion.  If you are a Christian lesbian standing in, you got some serious survival issues going on.  The countries above that I mentioned?  Oh, they've done the approval over just about every religion and every lifestyle they make fine places to live.

These countries losing out on people?  This is the odd part of the discussion.  If you talk over all of Europe right an average year, there's probably two to three million people leaving some pretty crappy places and so one much says anything back in the crappy land about losing people.  If this trend were to continue for ten years.....twenty years?   That's where you start to wonder how some of these countries will survive in the long run.

So far, I've not heard a single German intellectual stand there and chat over the loss of people and the future of some of these disgruntled lands.

If I were Afghanistan, and losing 80,000 young people every a decade.....I'd start to notice some odd things with various villages downsizing to the point where there's not much trade or life going on.

There's reasons for immigration and asylum....but this magnetic attraction to only certain other places....means you will eventually cause some evaporation on people in that location being somewhat friendly and welcoming.

For some reason, I don't see this all going on some trend-line.....and being always a happy trend.

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