Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Germany and Australia on Immigration

One of the odd things that I learned on this recent trip to Australia.....is that a fair number of Aussies are anti-immigrant, and there's the 'good-Aussie' crew who are pro-immigrant.

Yeah.....kinda like the German experience.

The 'good-Aussie' folks readily talk up the multiculturalism, and put up signs to show their pro-stance on the topic.

The general Aussie.....I'd say near seventy-percent....will say that there is a plain and simple method of entering Australia.....through the front door and they are pleased with the people that they approve to come in.

Naturally, they want people with education and skill areas that will fit quickly into the work force.  They don't want to waste millions on training people.

The 'good-Aussie' folks?  They know they are in the minority and readily count on state-run TV to broadcast their theme out to the public.  Since most Aussies aren't keen on state-run TV.....it's kind amusing to watch the slant on articles and how the journalists fit the message to the limited public viewing it.

This sign?  It was on a major church as you cross over into Melbourne from the southside area.  You can't miss it.

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