Monday, March 21, 2016

The 'Good-for-Germany' Immigrant Report

There was a fine piece written up on Focus today, which laid out a report by a think-tank in Germany....over German rural areas benefiting from the new immigrants.

What the Center for Social Research Halle (ZSH) said is that rural sections of the nation were hurting prior to the immigration crisis, where Germans themselves were migrating to urbanized areas.
What you typically see is a German youth who finishes up schooling.....goes off for his Abi or university degree, then realizes that this small rural area will offer no real career he or she moves to an area like Mannheim or Trier.

With a falling birthrate, these rural areas are losing population.

All of this would lead to a great thing.....except for one odd thing, which the ZSH folks didn't point out.  Most everyone who is in the immigration, asylum, or refugee situation.....wants to live in a highly urbanized area.

There are no jobs in this rural areas that the ZSH report discusses.  That's why they were losing population over the past decades, and will continue to lose population.

This is why the urban planner crowd is all freaked out in cities like Frankfurt now....because there's a major lack of affordable housing.  Housing in these rural areas?  You can find houses ready to go, and immigrant families could quickly move in and settle.  But why go somewhere where there is no jobs.

It's a curious way that they wrote this report and seem to have avoided going out and reviewing what the immigrant crowds are doing and why they have no interest in rural Germany.  Maybe there's some gimmick to the research project but my confidence in this immigration thing being great for rural Germany is about zero.  It just won't happen in the manner that these folks discuss.

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