Monday, March 19, 2018

Altmaier Trip to the US

This week, the new German Minister for Economic Affairs (Pete Altmaier) is supposed to fly into the US and have various talks with US officials....mostly over the upcoming steel and aluminum tariff business. 

He's hoping to get something out of the Trump administration to halt the US action.

I think he'll run into a brick Trump officials note that this is an action being conducted worldwide.....with only Canada, Mexico and Australia on the free-pass deal, and Altmaier is only there to represent Germany....(hint: he's not an EU-representative), then this talk won't go far.  I'm also of the opinion that some references will be made over the TTIP Treaty that failed toward the last quarter of 2016, and no willing nature from the EU to go back to the table. 

Altmaier will then do some falling upon the sword and suggest that Germany has been a fair partner of the US. 

In the end, the US will agree to meet in a month, with EU officials on this topic, and that a rebuild of the TTIP would be in order. 

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