Friday, March 9, 2018


It's a page two type of story, which public news folks on ARD heavily featured last night.

Back in the middle of February....This AfD (Alternative for Germany Party) guy (the party against migration and immigration in Germany).....delivered a speech to a crowd in his district of Saxony-Anhalt.

I sat and watched about 60 seconds of the speech....lot of hyped of stuff....talking about the lack of integration of foreigners into the country (especially the Turks).

This guy....Andre Poggenburg....gave the locals exactly what they wanted to hear.  But it attracted a lot of national attention and the Bundestag folks (opposition parties) got hyped up and said that he was demonstrating himself to be a serious problem.

AfD looked over the situation, and finally encouraged him to leave the party.  As of the last day of March....he's out of the AfD.  He wasn't thrown out.....he's simply resigning.

There are three basic elements to the story.  First, Poggenburg has found this network of people....probably 10-percent of the population, who are fed up with immigration and want real action done.  The various 'big-boys' at the table don't want this type of public event.  Second, it wouldn't surprise me if Poggenburg ends up constructing his own political party.....just within the state of Saxony-Anhalt, and taking half the votes that the AfD Party currently have....forcing them to accept Poggenburg and his group back within two years.  Third, if you did ask working class Germans about their feeling of integration occurring.....I would speculate that a quarter just aren't happy with the Berlin-attitude and question where this whole thing is going.  But half of that crowd just aren't AfD-type voters. 

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