Monday, March 12, 2018

From Sunday Night

Last night was the live German public forum on ARD (Channel One) 9:45 PM.....the Anne Will Show.

Topic?  Well....they dragged in four well known German political figures (left and right), and a journalist.  Most people were expecting this to be a wide range of political topics, and what the moderator (Anne Will) did....was center about 80-percent of the show on politics in Berlin and immigration.

Yeah, it was a bit of a shocker.  She connected the dots on about a dozen situations....all leading back to migration.

Oddly from this group of one from the AfD Party (the anti-immigration party).  The five all had chances to lay out some vision, but in the sounded more like excuses or a dream-like future.

The facial expressions?  Well....if you muted the show and just looked at reactionary faces, that was entertainment for the most part. 

Any kind of positive traction by the end of the public forum?  I'm an outsider and I would simply judge the hour-long forum as simply 'talk', and not much else.  The fact that you could throw twenty talk-subjects up on a white-board and discover a connection leading back to the migration crisis in Germany for at least half of the suggested topics?  Well....that is rather bothersome.  That generally leads people back to the 2015/2016 topic of management by the five ruling parties of the Bundestag and their lack of concern over where this was going to lead the nation. 

Frankly, you might be better off on Sunday nights watching the Kitchen Impossible show if you just wanted entertainment. 


sanguine simison said...

I'm under the distinct impression that this show will only add to AfD's appeal.

R Hammond said...

One might think that...but the AfD has serious maturity problems and a minimum number of characters who can appear in public forums and give a dynamic 4-star argument. I would suggest that it just aggravates the general public with the fake intellectual arguments, and presents most of the political folks in a negative light.