Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Wi-Fi Story

If you ever travel across of the odd things as an American that you find, is that Wi-Fi really isn't abundant.  You will find various rural areas where there is no strong connection existing to any national network.  And then you go to the second issue....finding free Wi-Fi....even in a urbanized area?  Oh that becomes a very difficult task.

So I was going through European news today and this odd story came up via Ciociaria Italian paper from a region about an hour south of Rome.

In this local area, they run a refugee camp/compound. 

At some point in the last week or two....a disagreement came up from one of the occupants (a Senegalese guy) and an Italian monitor in the compound.  The discussion? free Wi-Fi.

It appears that on a number of occasions, the African guy had come to suggest or recommend that they get free Wi-Fi.  The response by the Italian staff?  No.

No one explains the reasons for the no.  It could have been cost.  It could have been the prioritization of funding.  There are various reasons probably attached to this.

So a fight started up.  Yep, the Senegalese guy beating up on the Italian.  Cops arrest made.  The Senegalese guy probably will have a tough situation facing an Italian judge.  Odds of getting sent back home?  You'd have to convince Senegal to accept the guy back, and I doubt that they'd really want to do that.

As for free Wi-Fi?  Well, that's a curious thing.  Lots of people want such a thing to exist.  No one ever admits that there's a cost factor for someone.  But to reach a situation where you need to assault a guy over free Wi-Fi? 

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