Friday, March 16, 2018

The Soccer World Cup in Trouble

In a couple of months....the World Cup would have unfolded in Russia, and folks would be hyped up on soccer for an entire month.

Well....there's talk now that the British team will not show up because of the toxic poison episode in the UK, triggered by some Russian folks. 

So there's more talks going on, and the hint that various nations in the EU might not show up.  FIFA, the controlling authority over soccer and they run the games.....seems to be a bit worried now.  There's ton's of money at stake over the games, and the televised events.

The least that might happen?  The UK pulls out and FIFA goes to a replacement team....without much of a worry.

The most that would happen?  There is some speculation that the German and French teams might pull out, and a secondary group (Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, and Belgium) will at least discuss the matter. 

Without those major teams?  It's strictly a Brazil or Argentina series, and I would see a major problem with viewership. 

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