Thursday, March 22, 2018

Freiburg Murder Case Closes with Conviction

Several months ago, I essayed the murder of a German nurse down in Freiburg (southern Germany), and the eventual capture of a Afghan 'young-guy' who was felt to be the culprit.  The case ran into various unusual turns (he's in his mid-20s instead of the 17 that he claims, and he already had one vicious assault episode in Greece).

Well....NTV reports this morning here in Germany.....that the Afghan migrant involved in the episode....has been sentenced to the maximum that the court could hand out.  Life imprisonment.  Along with that, they wrote the addition of preventive detention. That means that they consider him to be an active threat, and he probably won't be at a relaxed prison-type facility. 

The troublesome part of this story is that you can read over various aspects from the German press, and the basic story of this young guy is that he's not really emotionally in control of himself, and my general impression is that he's got enough mental problems that mandate some permanent control.  This should have been recognized by the Greek authorities on the first assault that he did. 

As for wrapping up the mess and ending what has been a year-long saga?  To some degree yes.....but then you start to wonder, how many more mentally unstable characters exist like this? 

As for a script for a five-star movie?  It's probably perfect for such a movie but I don't see any German production company doing this because it really makes the German immigration theme look fairly negative and it'll be slammed as anti-migrant.

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