Friday, March 30, 2018

Germany and Mobbing

Mobbing is a unique term which gets thrown around Germans a good bit.  The definition of mobbing is a psychological campaign that typically occurs in schools or workplaces, where an individual is bullied, tormented, or harassed leave (in the permanent sense).  To accomplish this....the target is usually dumped upon with false accusations, given useless job tasks, issued threats, given continued criticism, or simply pushed into some type of social isolation.

About a decade ago, some PhD folks sat down and analyzed the amount of mobbing going on in Germany and came up with the round-number of one-million people who get workplace mobbing (which doesn't even include school mobbing).

For the 'victims' of mobbing, a number of things occur.  You lose get anxiety over distrust your work-place.  No one studies the long-term unemployed rate in Germany....but I would take a guess that twenty-percent of the long-term German unemployed are people with mobbing issues in the past.

So if you are sitting at some pub or cafe, and your German associate brings up the term 'mobbing' at least have a starting point on understanding the social problem. 

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