Friday, March 2, 2018

More on the Tafel Subject

There is a five-star journalist piece on Focus (the German news magazine) today....which I would strongly recommend for a read (in German though, unless you use Chrome to do the translation).

The discussion?  This Essen Tafel episode where charity networks are blocking foreigners, or migrants from the food charity operation.

What Focus did...was to go out and interview the older folks who have to use the food charity survive.  It's a great piece and talks to the issue of poverty now among German retirees, and how the charity network is about the only way they survive.

Over the past couple of years, I've essayed a number of pieces about this trend, with no real hope by people for some change.  Politically, none of the political parties want to really jump into this because you'd need billions to correct the situation of poverty in Germany.  They simply don't have the revenue to do it, and they certainly don't have the willing nature to re-prioritize their spending plan.

The criticism by the pro-migration crowd on the charity operations?  The charity folks seem to be stepping up for a bitter fight, and I don't see them backing down.   If anything, the topic is now expanding and making the CDU-SPD period for the next four years less than optimistic.  I kinda doubt that the Chancellor will walk back in and make another critical comment on the charity folks. 

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