Thursday, March 1, 2018

Essen Tafel Story Continues On

About two weeks ago, the 'Essen Tafel' episode started up. It was a simple story with consequences being laid out about migrants, poor Germans, and the effect of charities doing what they could.

What you have in Essen are a couple of charity operations which get food from groceries, private individuals and farmers....then they distribute it to poor Germans.  In this age of modern Germany....there are Germans on pensions and welfare....who've basically run out of options and there just isn't enough food or money.

The charities did what they could, and in the last year or two....came to realize that more and more foreigners were showing up (non-Germans).  Chief reason?  Well....the German support system for the migration folks, the new immigrants.....isn't enough either.  There's roughly 650,000 migrants now...on Hartz IV (German welfare). 

So this one operation said enough....they were only going to be there for German poverty....not migrant poverty.  You need a German passport to get into the operation.

Then you stood there over the past ten days and saw tons of criticism dumped on the charity.  Even the Chancellor made a harsh comment that they needed to open up their operation to everyone.

Today....ARD covered part of this story....from the head guy for all of these charity food operations in Germany....Jochen Brühl....who finally got tired of the criticism.

His words: "We will not be reprimanded by the Chancellor.  The current development is a consequence of Merkel's policy."

In a way, all of this goes to a bigger problem which has been laying around Germany for twenty-odd years.  Back in the Schroeder period, the government re-invented welfare.  They had no choice because the old program was bankrupting the nation. the time, everyone on welfare spoke up about the new program.  It cut drastically into the normal expectations of people.

As Bruhl points out.....there is just a vast amount of poverty existing in Germany today.  Then Bruhl in this interview states the obvious....critics have no idea what regular Germans are facing.  The whole low-wage scheme and number of kids in poverty status?  It's a topic that gets brought up and rarely reaches any conclusion.

As much as the pro-migration folks had a grand vision four years can sense that the same crowd have little sense or acknowledgment about poverty in Germany.  The new migrants?  They are falling into the same path to the Germans on poverty.  The question they reach this stage and start asking questions about their status.....what exactly will the pro-migration/immigration folks do?  They've invented a mess that simply layers itself over a previous mess sitting there.  In effect...doubling the problem. 

I don't see how this gets resolved. 

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