Thursday, March 1, 2018

Germans and Bikes

A couple of times a year, I'll essay over bicycles and bike-trails in Germany. 

One of the things that you tend to notice in Germany is that law exists for bicyclists to wear helmets. You would the land of safety consciousness....there'd be some mandated law that everyone has to have a helmet. But no.....there is no such law in Germany.

I bring this up because this afternoon in the region....over in some underpass.....two older German guys (each on a bike and apparently going the opposite direction) collided into each other.

A 64-year old guy apparently fell off his bike and had a serious head injury....he didn't make it.  The other guy...70 year old guy was apparently able to catch himself in time and didn't hit the ground. 

I looked it via DAKA (the insurance folks) and on average (using 2014 numbers)....around 4,000 folks a year over the age of 65 in Germany who have bike accidents...against 82-million residents.  And it's around 220 folks who die in these bike accidents.  DAKA likes to point the obvious difference on electrical bikes (more accidents) than regular old-fashion bikes. It's probably around a six to one balance on this. 

Cops say on this accident....they are reviewing how it happened and looking for witnesses.  My guess is that they were both going a fair speed and just didn't notice how close they were until the last second.

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