Friday, March 9, 2018

The Future of Germany

Around ten days ago....the Berlin Zeitung (local paper from the Berlin area) put a 60-line piece and talked over this odd problem being reported by German teachers in the Berlin region.

I sat for years and observed my son in the German school system, and how the teacher-to-parent situation was 'directed'.  Teachers more or less....laid out the routine, and expected kids to march to the 'tune'.  There was an awful lot of effort to prevent kids, and even parents....from challenging authority. 

So it's kind of a surprise as you read over the summary in the Berlin Zeitung.  In their words.....there are various examples of "religious bullying" that occurs in local Berlin schools.

The culture clash over pork products in any meat given in the school cafe?  It'll be questioned by some kid in the school.  Even if you discuss gummy bears.....they are not considered 'clean'.

All of this has led to something called the "Pro Berlin Neutrality Act" petition.

Part of this Act would prohibit teachers, police and judicial staff wearing religious symbols such as headscarf, crucifix or kippa.

Various teachers are pushing the idea of absolutely no religion to be in the a way to prevent the ghettoization.

The schools in some way have become this experimental challenge by recent immigrants to test authority and see how far they can push teachers before they just give up. 

In various ways, I really doubt that anyone in the intellectual sphere of German life....back five years ago...really could envision how the pieces and parts would really fit.  Today, the vision is challenged on  a daily basis.  Various urban school districts....not just in Berlin but throughout the country are having a problem in recruiting teachers. 

What'll happen eventually?  My guess is that a age rule will be made up and if you are that disruptive in the class....they won't deal with you any longer....they will simply hand you a form to take to the unemployment office and settle in for a job stocking shelves or mowing grass.  A whole generation of young men (ages 12 to 15) will find themselves in a new life opportunity with no real hope for the future.  If you were asking about potential trouble in a decade.....this is the likely result people will see....a frustrated group of young men with zero chances and opportunity. 

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