Thursday, March 29, 2018

German Repatriation Centers

Last night, ARD (public TV in Germany, Channel One) covered one of the immigration topics in Germany....repatriation centers.

For several months, in Bavaria....the CSU (the Bavarian conservative political party) has hyped up the idea of moving failed visa-immigrants out of the country faster. So on their list of things to improve the process.....there's going to be three centers eventually open.  When you get paperwork saying you failed the process, unless you volunteer on your own to leave.....they will detail you to be transported to this repatriation center.

Yesterday, the Bavarians said that the first of these centers will be open by the fall (probably before the 14 October state election).  Who will run it?  The Federal Police of least that's what's said so far.  I have my doubts that the Federal Police will accept the role.

Locations of the stations?  Mancing and Bamberg are generally mentioned. 

I would make several observations over this idea:

1.  I expect various pro-asylum groups to hinder this in court and attempt to shut-down or slow-down the repatriation centers.

2.  I expect the Bavarians to run into a major problem with different individuals not having passports, and not having the old nation accept them some of these folks are likely to be spending not months, but years in some repatriation centers. 

3.  As soon as you get some folks into these centers....there will be break-outs and then the whole topic of maximum security will come up....with more personnel required to run the centers.

In a way, the general public is demanding something occur with failed visa-applicants (back in January, there were roughly 500,000 on that list).  But you just don't get too many positive thoughts over how the repatriation centers will be run, and how the news media will brand them as negative places to be put into. 

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