Friday, March 2, 2018

Frankfurt: Musical Theater?

Around the early 1990s in Frankfurt, there was this hyped-up sense of bringing musicals and musical theaters to the city.  Most Americans who've spent time around Frankfurt (as military tours) would probably say it's the least favorable city for that type of 'culture'.  I think two-thirds of the population of the city would agree with that assessment.

But that does not lessen the enthusiasm to make the musical theater business work in the city.

So I noticed it brought up today.....another company would like to establish a musical theater in Frankfurt.  The talk is mostly over a specialized the 1,800 seat range and taking about 6,500 square meters in property.  HR (the regional public TV folks) covered this story.

Where?  Well....this gets to being interesting.

Property prices within the city have reached a point where it scares folks with risky business ideas.  So the talk is mostly over some property out next to the Frankfurt Airport.  In a car, it's about a 20-minute drive from the heart of the city to reach the airport.  By subway, it's maybe twelve minutes and three stops from downtown Frankfurt.

Where at the airport? This is an interesting the old US-run Gateway Gardens housing area....which has been totally demolished and a business center developed.

There's supposed to be a subway development where a new station will be built in the Gateway Gardens area, and it'd make perfect sense to have some musical theater within walking distance of the subway.

The last big project like this?  It was the Rhein Main Theater, over in Niedernhausen, which lasted for a couple of years with one decent musical, and then kinda went through a declining stage. In that case, they built a ramp area for the tram out of Frankfurt, and it didn't matter....people just didn't come to make it a profitable deal.

Of all the major cities in Germany....with limited enthusiasm for art and culture....I suspect Frankfurt would be near number one on the list.  Maybe times have changed but I have my doubts.

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