Friday, March 30, 2018

Germans and Drag Racing

Over the last couple of years in Germany, there's been this problem of drag-racing private vehicles....on German city streets.  It's to the point that several accidents have been created, and people unrelated to the racing....have died.  So Germans are in this fix-it type of behavior.

I opened up Focus today and they were discussing this new idea that the Premier (governor) of NRW (the state) has suggested. 

He wants to confiscate any vehicle determined to be in a drag racing type situation, and within X-amount of time....sell it and the money go to the state.

Yeah, it would mean confiscating private property....having a judge make a determination, and effectively just take the car from the private owner.  It's a fairly serious idea and I suspect various political parties would easily come to agree on the idea.

The fact that these racing deaths have made front-page news on several occasions.....has made public perception pretty tough on the response. 

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