Sunday, March 25, 2018

New Book Coming Out

I probably would have predicted it, so it's not a shock.

In this morning's Germany news.....the hype is there over a new book coming out....entitled the Schulz Story.  ARD discusses the book which will cover Martin Schulz....the 'fallen' SPD political candidate.

 It's amazing to watch the news media basically dump the guy in so little of time, and he's now a forgotten part of history.

ARD did covered part of the book material.  Schulz looks at his downfall, and says mostly that he didn't fail politically. He believes that his fall came from bad leadership decisions. 

In his mind....when the Greens and FDP failed in the coalition 'game'....and the SPD was called and asked to participate, Schulz says that was his missed moment where he should have resigned rather than form the new coalition.  He didn't believe in the coalition being strong, and missed various signs of problems.

Among SPD political folks, there are some lessons to learn, and I think the book might be of interest to journalists.  Among voters for the SPD?  I'm not sure if he had their full attention.  The way that the party shuffled things around to fit him in, and spent the whole summer of 2016 getting him on TV shows for introduction purposes....didn't work as well as people thought. 

The speed to which the book is being prepared?  That might be a shocker. 

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