Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spahn Talks

Focus wrote a short piece today over a comment or two that CDU's newly designated health minister Jens Spahn made....about CDU voters that left in 2017, and voted along with the AfD (the anti-immigration party).

Spahn made the comment that the voters are not lost and that the CDU could recover these voters over the next couple of years. 

Yeah....he use the expression 'lost Nazis'.  Generally, once you utter something like that...folks don't retreat back to the CDU.  But I think he meant it as a jab at the core element of the AfD Party. 

In the big picture of things, the experts say about 980,000 votes that went to the AfD were former CDU folks.  The other 4.3 million votes?  Well....probably in the range of one million were the original folks who were AfD to start with, and the rest came from the SPD, the Linke Party, and even some Greens.  All were in some way....making a comment about the immigration failures.

Spahn wants political arguments to exist within the challenge the base and to push the party back toward a conservative base.  Part of that argument is about family values, and the cohesive nature of German society.  Then Spahn laid out the last that criminal gangs are now part of the urban environment of Germany....suggesting cops and law enforcement need to be a big part of the future.

Anyone who thought that the job within the health ministry would keep Spahn occupied about ONLY health simply fooling himself.  Spahn will entertain just about any public forum, and chat on dozens of dozens that have nothing to do with your health or such. 

If you were looking for a twist to the Merkel end-song.....Spahn will likely deliver that twist.

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