Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Twitter Story

At some point in the last couple of days....someone took up the comment of the new Minister of the Interior of Germany (Seehofer), "Islam does not belong to Germany".....except they rephrased the comment on Twitter....."Bayern (Bavaria) does not belong to Germany".

Most folks had a laugh over the comment.  Historians....less so.

There are two states within Germany which were forced into Prussia (1870s era).....Nassau (today Hessen) and Bayern (Bavaria).  Both had a pact with the Hapsburg Empire, and were allowed to exist as individual states in Europe.  When Prussia threatened the Hapsburg Empire, that protection pact went down the drain.

What can be said since that era is that both would have done well economically on their own, but being part of the Prussian and later German landscape.....probably helped them even more.

Around a year ago....a poll was held in Bavaria and roughly one-third of population would prefer that Bavaria be their own nation.

So this brings me around to this odd Bavaria a bit different from the rest of Germany?  The simple answer is 'yes'.  Course, you could probably say the same about the state of Hamburg, and the state of Hessen.  For that matter, most all German states have a unique character about themselves.  

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