Saturday, March 3, 2018

More Tefel News

You would sit and think that this Essen tefel episode (I've essayed three times this week about it), with the charity food bank operation that has decided no more charity food for immigrant folks would just quiet down after a while.

Today in the Focus news....a short 6-line piece came up in the Essen region.  Apparently, some local political party (Alliance German Democrats) is lodging a prosecutor complaint on the charity, and their tax situation (normally, German charities are exempted from taxation). 

Chief excuse?  The political folks accuse the charity of now being a 'for-profit'. 

The political party in question? A very minor group....maybe between 1,500 and 2,000 total members in Germany....mostly Turkish and non-German.

The prosecutor looking at this?  It'll be awful hard to claim that the group has moved to a for-profit stance, and there is little in the German law system that says a charity has to be supportive of every single person in matter their status, background, etc. 

If anything, once this gets into local news around'll likely draw more Germans into the act of defending the food-bank.  As each day passes and this topic of poverty stays as a front-page news makes both the CDU and SPD look worse.  It may have started as a topic over immigration, but it is drawing more conversation about poverty.

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