Wednesday, March 21, 2018

School Story

I noticed short news piece from Focus this morning.....talking over an attack in the Baden-Wurttemberg region. 

Within a grade-school operation, down near Freiburg.....a German teacher got into some type of dispute with a kid in the class (press says the kid is seven years old ).  Kid felt the teacher showed disrespect and then pulled a knife on the teacher.  Initial report says that the teacher is injured.....probably a minor cut, but enough that it required medical attention.

Naturally most folks would freak out and fail to read the rest of this story.  It's an odd thing.....the knife doesn't belong to the kid.....nor did the kid bring the knife to school.  The knife is apparently school property and used in some structure of the class atmosphere.  I'm guessing it's there to cut items (maybe apples) for school activities.

In my mind.....this event though....causes folks to ask more questions and wondering if schools in German are 'safe'.  The answer is.....yes, they are safe.  But to prevent public anxiety, you can anticipate some effort to psychologically analyze kids and label or categorize kids in some fashion.  The 'aggressive' types will be noted and teachers will know as each year comes with different kids.....three or four kids in the group are potential problems.

As for knives remaining in schools?  Oh, I'll bet within a month....most schools have removed knives from the open structure, and they are only held by one single teacher. 

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