Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Rest of the Cabinet Posts (SPD)

News from Berlin came out this morning over the remaining cabinet posts in the new coalition government, and these are the SPD Party members:

Minister of Finance: Olaf Scholz (mayor of Hamburg).

Foreign Minister: Heiko Maas (current Minister of Law)

Work and Social Minister: Katarina Barley

Minister of Family Affairs: Franziska Giffey

Minister of Law: Matthias Miersch

Minister of Environment: Svenja Schulze

Shocks?  There were five or six names floated around for Foreign Minister over the past month....none were Maas's name.  So this might be a minor shock.

Olaf Scholz?  A year ago, he would have carried a lot of weight and been discussed for the Chancellor job in 2021.  The episode in Hamburg with the riots back in July?  That took a fair amount of negativity to his reputation and will prevent him from the Chancellor job in the future.  Beyond that, there's no issues with this group.

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