Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hessen State Election: 28 Oct 2018

Polling so far in 2018 for the state election in Hessen?  Forsa wrapped up a poll in the past month:

CDU: 33-percent
SPD: 23-percent
AfD: 10-percent
Linke Party: 7-percent
FDP: 8-percent
Green: 14-percent

The main question at this point is whether the Greens will take more of the SPD disenchanted voter base.  With a combined show of 47-percent....the CDU and Green effort might require a third partner.

The odds of the SPD making a bigger show?  Five years ago, the SPD did 30-percent, and it'll be hard to repeat that success.  If you are a disheartened SPD voter....your main choice is the Green Party.

I would not anticipate a shocker in this election, unless the AfD goes beyond the 15-percent, or the CDU makes less than 28-percent. 

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