Saturday, March 17, 2018

Seehofer versus Merkel Comments

Somewhere in the middle of this past week....our new Secretary of the Interior (Seehofer, CSU) came out in an interview and said that Muslims were 'not part of Germany', and the next day, the Chancellor (Merkel, CDU) said 'yes, Muslim are part of Germany'.  All of this has apparently triggered some public debate.

Some forums over the next week or two....will center on this topic and intellectuals/journalists will be throwing themselves at Merkel's side and trying to convince the public of good intentions.

It's a debate that goes nowhere in the end.

I would suggest that about a quarter of the population rallies around Seehofer, and sees long-term problems.  On the Merkel-side, I would suggest near 40-percent are pro-Islam.  The fact that four million Muslims now exist in the country (of 82-million), means that industry and job-wise....they are definitely part of the hub.  As for the remaining thirty-five percent?  Somewhere in the middle with questions being asked and trust being a problem.

This is a public debate that goes nowhere in the end.  The Germans cannot effectively run their job-system without this massive participation.

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