Friday, March 2, 2018

Banned Songs?

I noted this in Turkey news today....via Kurdistan-24's news site.....Turkey will ban 208 songs.

Yes....banning of 208 songs.

The public radio and TV folks in Turkey....TRT.....selected 142 Turkish songs and 66 Kurdish songs, that will go onto some type of blacklist. Reason?  Well....the government says there's a morality problem (means drugs, alcohol or sex), and there's a terror problem with some lyrics.

You can imagine this meeting being held with Erdogan and his chief advisors....all hyped up to 'protect' the citizens of Turkey, and the topic of immoral songs come up.

Hot, lusty, and provocative songs.

First time ever?  If you go back around forty years ago during one of the Turkish military coups....they introduced for a brief time....another ban of songs.

No English songs?  That's the funny thing about this ban.  Nothing from Madonna or Barbara Streisand came up.

My guess is that it'll be observed....folks will download the songs via the internet and play them off their IPods.  Everyone will have a laugh over the list, and life will continue on.

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