Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Those Happy Finns

Some PhD folks went and did a worldwide survey and came to the conclusion....that the happiest people on Earth...come from Finland.

Yes, Finland.

I sat and thought about it this morning.  I've been there once in my Helsinki.  To be honest, I've been through about twenty-five nations in my life and it'd be hard to rate any of them as number one above all the rest.  In fact, most folks in Australia seem awful happy....more so than you'd expect with all the snakes, and such.....but I think the liberal consumption of alcohol helps them adjust to negative things.

So I paused over the Finland situation and thought about what I saw in that week there.

First, winter comes early and stays on until almost April.  Folks seem to bundle up and almost enjoy the frigid temperatures.  They might even chat with glee on how 12th day straight of freezing temperatures.

Second, it's one of the places where I've been where an authentic Finn restaurant will offer up bear meat.

Third, whatever level of caffeine you are used to....the folks in Helsinki tend to make their coffee about 25-percent stronger. 

Fourth, Finn women generally look fierce enough that even Vikings might shake in fear in their presence.

Fifth,  even though it's generally taxed at a hefty rate....Finns will drink as much as they can possibly afford. 

Sixth, you get the impression that out of every five Finns you bump least one of them hold a PhD. 

Seventh, in the summer period...mid-July, the sun barely does go down....maybe for four hours, and then it rises.  In the kinda notice the sun coming up around mid-morning and setting mid-afternoon. You get the impression that Finns barely sleep in the summer, and mostly sleep in the winter.

Eighth, you just don't see too many homeless folks. 

I'm guessing that Finns are a bit puzzled over being rated number one on happiness and they've called up their associates to come up a bottle of booze and discuss the impact of the happiness award.   Most of the discussion will be forgotten as the sun rises, and a new day arrives.  Meanwhile, some Australians are bitterly disappointed over not winning the 'most happy' award.....enough to invite their associates over and also opening up a bottle or two, to discuss their loss. 

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